Metric plugin List

List of plug-ins in the Alitheia Core source distribution
Name Description Metrics Lines URL
Wc Counts lines of code, comments and words per file, the number of source, documentation and misc files and the number of lines, comments and words per revision Wc.loc, Wc.locom, Wc. lonb, Wc. words, NOF, NOSF, NODF, TL, TLOC, TLOCOM, TLDOC 565
Structural Calculates the McCabe complexity and the Halstead complexity measures metrics for C and Java MCC_TOTAL, MCC_MAX, EMCC_TOTAL, EMCC_TOTAL, HN, HV, HVS, HD, HL, HE, HT, HB 705
Module Measures source code module size and contents MNOF, MNOL, ISSRCMOD, AMS 318
Mi Calculates Coleman et al.'s Maintainability Index at a project and source module level MI, MODMI 422
Contrib Measures developer contribution from software repository data. See this paper for details CONTRIB 589

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