Roadmap and Open Tasks

The following features will be available in the next Alitheia Core version (v0.96) due in Q4 2010

  • Finish Hibernate to JPA conversion
    • Convert remaining entities (done)
    • Use the EntityManager instead of custom Hibernate code (postponed)
    • Convert HQL to JPA-QL (not required)
    • Import more database drivers and make driver configuration a runtime option (done, HSQLDB imported)
  • Finish REST API, metrics and results
  • Finish plug-in annotation processing
  • Convert updater service to plug-in based
    • Implement 2 distinct updating phases (raw data import and metadata inference) (done, r4770)
    • Convert existing updaters to plug-ins (done SVN, Maildir, Bugzilla)
  • Git updater plugin

Here is a list of open tasks, in order of importance:

  • Implement a REST API Alitheia Core is in a desperate need of a REST API that will allow it to expose the processed data and metada in an easy to digest way. Implementing a REST API should not be too difficult, since the domain model already exists and there are projects, such as Jersey which implements the JAX-RS standard, that promise to convert domain models to REST like applications in a breeze.
  • Implement a new web interface On top of the REST API, a new web interface needs to be implemented. Alitheia Core used to have a web interface but is was ugly, slow and inoperable. A new interface needs to be written, based on a disconnected AJAX oriented paradigm, to take full advantage of the REST API.
  • Implement a source code updater for Git With lots of OSS projects moving over to Git from Subversion, this should be one of the important next steps for the Alitheia Core source code updater to take.
  • Start building a test infrastructure Alitheia Core does not include a unit test infrastructure. Start building a testing infrastructure is a nice first step to encourage people to write tests.

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