Alitheia Core is an advanced software repository analysis system.

This page provides a brief overview of the components of the Alitheia Core software. If you know what Alitheia Core is all about, you can jump directly to the Quickstart guide. If you want to find out how Alitheia Core is designed, checkout the Reference section.

Data and Data plug-ins

Alitheia Core can process 3 types of data:

  • Revisions from source code management systems
  • Emails from mailing lists
  • Bugs from bug tracking databases

data processing is a two stage process. Data processing accessing and processing is delegated to Data plug-ins.

Metric plug-ins

Alitheia Core metrics use the metadata stored in the database along with raw data to calculate measurements on both. Several metrics are readily available in the default Alitheia Core installation.

Writing a new analysis metric is relatively easy with Alitheia Core. A guide can be found in the Writing Metrics page.

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