The Virtual Machine Appliance

The Alitheia Core VMA

The Alitheia Core virtual machine was developed for 2 reasons:

  • To lower the entry barrier for researchers and potential users
  • To help existing users setup presentations or proof-of-concept setups

You can download it from here (or this mirror). The VM was created using VirtualBox but should start in any virtual machine software supporting the Open Virtualisation Format spec.

How to Use

The VM Operating System is based on Debian Stable and it contains a full development environment for Alitheia Core, including a full project checkout from Git, a Maven installation, raw data for 2-3 projects and a WebUI frontend for displaying the results of the calculations. The setup automatically compiles and installs Alitheia Core.

After you start the VM:

  • login with username alitheia and password alitheia. Use root/alitheia for administrative actions
  • change to the sqo-oss directory and do a git pull to update to the latest version
  • type mvn clean install pax:provision
  • type /sbin/ifconfig. The VM's IP address is displayed along the field inet addr
  • You can see the administrative console at http://$VMIP:8080, substituting $VMIP with the result of ifconfig.
  • If you wan to use the results interface, open a new console window, change to the sqo-oss/web directory and
    start the embedded Jetty web server with mvn jetty:run. The results web page will be available at http://$VMIP:8081.

If you are using a browser inside the virtual machine, you could also find the administrative console at

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