Alitheia Core - A platform for software engineering research

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Welcome to the home page of the Alitheia Core, an integrated platform for large scale software engineering studies. Alitheia Core is free software, distributed under the 2-clause BSD license.

Alitheia Core works by importing the source code repository, mailing list archives and bug databases for a software project in a unified storage schema and running various analysis tools on the projects. You can find more about how Alitheia Core is designed in the documentation section of this site.

Getting Alitheia Core

Alitheia Core is available in the following formats:

You will also need project data to run Alitheia Core on. Check out the Downloads page.

Run and extend

Alitheia Core can be build and run on most modern platforms. A variety of analysis plug-ins is offered in the default installation, while implementing new ones should not be very hard.


Alitheia Core has been used to analyse the source code, mailing lists and bug databases of more than 300 projects and the results have been published to conferences and journals. You can find some of the results of in the Research page.

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