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Alitheia Core - A platform for software engineering research

Welcome to the home page of the Alitheia Core, an integrated platform for large scale software engineering studies. Alitheia Core is free software, distributed under the 2-clause BSD license.

Alitheia Core works by importing the source code repository, mailing list archives and bug databases for a software project in a unified storage schema and running various analysis tools on the projects. You can find more about how Alitheia Core is designed in the documentation section of this site.

Getting Alitheia Core

Alitheia Core is available in the following formats:

You will also need project data to run Alitheia Core on. Check out the Downloads page.

Run and extend

Alitheia Core can be build and run on most modern platforms. A variety of analysis plug-ins is offered in the default installation, while implementing new ones should not be very hard.


Alitheia Core has been used to analyse the source code, mailing lists and bug databases of more than 300 projects and the results have been published to conferences and journals. You can find some of the results of in the Research page.

Project Announcements

Alitheia Core joins the OW2 consortium

Alitheia Core has been accepted as an incubator project in the OW2 consortium. Alitheia Core now forms part of an active part of a bigger ecosystem that includes some top quality software tools. We believe that Alitheia Core will benefit from the large pool of brilliant developers and the great community of business and casual users that comprise OW2.

The development of Alitheia Core will continue to take place within the SQO-OSS project servers.

Simple AJAX-based REST client

The SQO-OSS project is currently working to give users and researchers easy access to the 200 million records stored in our servers. A REST based component has almost been developed, and the project is working to standardize the API. While we are preparing for the final release (due in a couple of weeks), you can have a glimpse on the data that the system stores and processes using the AJAX-based web client, available here.

Please share your thoughts and ideas as comments on this page, or subscribe to the mailing lists to do so.

Alitheia Core 0.95 has been released

After 1.5 year of development, the SQO-OSS project is happy to release a new version of Alitheia Core, along with a completely redesigned and updated website. For this release, purposely code-named Apheresis, Alitheia Core went on diet and lost almost 30% of its source code base, in an effort to make it more maintainable and extensible.

A more extensive list of changes that went into version 0.95 is the following:

  • The build system was rewriten using maven.

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