Alitheia Core 0.95 has been released

After 1.5 year of development, the SQO-OSS project is happy to release a new version of Alitheia Core, along with a completely redesigned and updated website. For this release, purposely code-named Apheresis, Alitheia Core went on diet and lost almost 30% of its source code base, in an effort to make it more maintainable and extensible.

A more extensive list of changes that went into version 0.95 is the following:

  • The build system was rewriten using maven. Building and running Alitheia Core is a matter of executing a single command.
  • A new plug-in archetype allows creating a skeleton plug-in with a simple command
  • The SVN updater has been re-written and is now capable of processing projects as large as FreeBSD
  • A skeleton administration service was added, will be extended to facilitate scripting of large installations.
  • Code for the web services and web UI was removed. Will be replaced with a REST based solution that gives full access to the data stored by the core.
  • Code for various unfinished plug-ins has been removed
  • The web site has been redesigned and lots of new content was added
  • The project servers and services have been upgraded

The following features are planned for version 0.96, to be available winter 2010:

  • A Git repository importer
  • A RESTful service that offers access to the core metadata
  • Structural changes to make the core more extensible
  • Updater functionality will be moved to plug-ins

Simple AJAX-based REST client

The SQO-OSS project is currently working to give users and researchers easy access to the 200 million records stored in our servers. A REST based component has almost been developed, and the project is working to standardize the API. While we are preparing for the final release (due in a couple of weeks), you can have a glimpse on the data that the system stores and processes using the AJAX-based web client, available here.

Please share your thoughts and ideas as comments on this page, or subscribe to the mailing lists to do so. Also, keep in mind that the interface and the API are currently under development, so errors may arise. Finally, not all metrics were run on all projects/resources, but we are working on that!

Alitheia Core joins the OW2 consortium

Alitheia Core has been accepted as an incubator project in the OW2 consortium. Alitheia Core now forms part of an active part of a bigger ecosystem that includes some top quality software tools. We believe that Alitheia Core will benefit from the large pool of brilliant developers and the great community of business and casual users that comprise OW2.

The development of Alitheia Core will continue to take place within the SQO-OSS project servers. Mailing lists and the bug database will be migrated to the OW2 forge (you can find the Alitheia Core page here).

About OW2

OW2 is a global open-source software community which goal is the development of open-source distributed middleware, in the form of flexible and adaptable components. These components range from specific software frameworks and protocols to integrated platforms. OW2 developments follow a component-based approach.

The consortium is an independent non-profit organization open to companies, public organizations, academia and individuals.

OW2 mission is to develop open source code middleware and to foster a vibrant community and business ecosystem.

OW2 is committed to growing a community of open source code developers. The organization is dedicated to the creation of new technology: original code development is one of its fundamental characteristics. As the organization becomes part of the open source marketplace, it also stresses the quality and market usability of its software. It fosters a common technical architecture to be shared by its members and to facilitate the implementation of its technology by systems integrators and end-users.

The OW2 projects aim at facilitating the development, deployment and management of distributed applications with a focus on open source middleware and related development and management tools. In the open source software value chain, OW2 is positioned as an industry platform] facilitating interaction between open source code Producers and open source code Consumers.

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