Importing Projects

You can add projects to Alitheia Core either en masse, automatically or one by one.

Importing projects manually

Add project form, with values filled in

To add a project, go to the Projects tab in the Web administration console. Then click on the Add Project button. A new form will appear. You should fill in the locations of the project's Subversion repository mirror, the top level directory of the project's maildir-formatted mailing list mirrors and the directory containing the project's bugs in Bugzilla XML format. If you do not have any such data, you may try the ones on offer at the Download page. See the attached image as an example.

After you click on Add Project button, the project will be added to the database and the various data updaters will start processing the project metadata. You should see the Job count to go up by 3.

Importing projects automatically

Importing projects automatically requires the project directories to be setup according to the directory layout format supported by Alitheia Core and each project to include a project configuration file. Alitheia Core includes a minimal web-based administration interface which we can take advantage to script several administrative actions. For example to add a list of projects the following script can be executed in the top level dir of the mirroring layout.

for project in `ls`; do
    properties=echo `$projects/`
    curl http://localhost:8080/diraddproject?properties=$properties

To trigger metadata updates (which will in turn trigger metric recalculations) one can call the following URL scheme

curl http://localhost:8080/updater?project=<PROJECTNAME>&target=<CODE|MAIL|BUGS>

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