About Alitheia Core

The Alitheia Core tool is an extensible platform for software quality analysis that is designed specifically to facilitate software engineering research on large and diverse data sources. It integrates data collection and preprocessing phases with an array of analysis services, and presents the researcher with an easy to use extension mechanism. Alitheia Core aims to be the basis of an ecosystem of shared tools and research data that will enable researchers to focus on their research questions at hand, rather than spend time on re-implementing analysis tools.

More specifically, Alitheia is the name of a platform, developed by the SQO-OSS project, for the automated objective evaluation of the quality of Open Source projects. By analyzing both the soft and the hard project artifacts (the project source code history is "hard" while the mailing lists, bug tracker entries and other human communications are "soft") the Alitheia software will produce a broader and more comprehensive picture of the quality and viability of each Open Source project than tools that examine only the product of the project.

The name Alitheia was chosen for its Greek roots (the majority of the project was executed in Greece). In Greek, the term stands for "neat and businesslike truth." The SQO-OSS project was indeed intended to deliver the neat and businesslike truth about Open Source projects, by evaluating the quality --- captured in measurements of many different aspects of quality and aggregated through a mutlilevel quality model.

Why use Alitheia Core?

Alitheia Core is the first platform to offer an extensible, integrated representation of software engineering data and the first to automate and parallelize the execution of custom experiments. Using Alitheia Core, researchers can design and execute quantitative and exploratory studies on empirical data without having to deal with low-level tasks such as pre-formatting data or updating their datasets when new data from projects become available. Indeed, being a platform, and not a concrete implementation, means that by writing the appropriate plug-ins, you can instruct Alitheia Core to produce any measurements you are interested into and maybe integrate those measurements in high level quality evaluations

An overview of the Alitheia Core platform is presented in this poster. You can find more details about the inner workings of the platform from paper.

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